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We can help your business apply for Food Shop License under Singapore Food Agency aka SFA License.

For any local business, there is a pre-planned procedure to put that on legalizing list. Singapore Food Agency License somehow goes through under these legal procedures, which has the full backing of the government of Singapore.

The SFA License highly depends on the restoration and the tools acquiring by the food agency. The vital part of the process of licensing is the proper documentation and endorsements. The ones who are failed in providing relevant information of his food agency are rejected from allowing any sorts of license from high officials.

Food Shop License

All food retail establishments must be licensed in order to operate. The Food Shop License is valid for one year.

Terms of Conditions for Allowing SFA License

There are specific terms and conditions for the allotment of License for Singapore Food Agency. Hence, this TOC highlights the important permissions and relevant documents required for Singapore food agency license.

  • Permission from the well-known stakeholder of the land. (it could also be from any government officials)
  • The land consensus between the buyer and the holder documents, to assure that the receiver is taking the land legally.
  • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) of the CEO and the members required for the working.
  • The overall food agency details should be provided to the main government institutions, who had the whole credential of it.
  • Proper enrollment of the food agency from the accomplished local administrator.
  • Guarantee or assurance of sanitation in food agency and in the meal. The legal papers of it will be suitable for Singapore Food Agency License.
  • Special recruitment of the members should be made who had a qualification and certification of safeguarding and assurance of the healthful environment in the food agency.
  • Special assurance should be given for the end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning if you have rent a property from a tenant.
  • Attest documents of the land and details of the food agency should be provided for the licensing.
  • A legal contract with the well-known pest control company should be made, to ensure the hygienic condition in the food agency.
  • Extra data with the meal, running hours, facilities, up to the standards and etc.
  • Singapore Food Agency License highly emphasizes on the quality in the deliverance and surroundings. Therefore, images of the food agency should be provided to the government institutions for further process.
  • For delivering order purposes, food agency should provide the vehicles numbers and their model and vehicles should be wiped regularly.

For your information, these are the most general things which are needed for food agency licensing. However, for an individual, the most suitable choice would be to rent a property and spend his finance on the renewal and provisions of food agency.

The agreement related to the property with a tenant would be required at the last phase when you get approval and Singapore food agency license. However, it is useless that you have a consensus with the landlord of the property while not having a license or in the first stage.

After getting a license, make sure that you restore the area into actual shape and try to invest in compulsory items which are required in the food agency.



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Entire Duration Needed For License:

The duration of license in Singapore depends on the type documents, information and basic structuring of your food agency. Basic structuring means that the time required to renovate the whole food agency.

For faster licensing, it required almost 2 weeks. But, for Singapore food agency license, if the authorities are dissatisfied or required more searching and information then it will also take one and a half month. Hence, overall the condition of the license will depend on the situation. For example, you are carrying the present food agency, then it surely takes some time, to cancel the previous license and generates the new one.

However, there are a few points which indicate the folks about the total duration required for licensing.

  • Licensing authorities worked only on working days except for Saturday and Sunday.
  • The information required with your food agency should be appropriate otherwise more days would be required to complete the general details in Singapore Food Agency License.
  • When the given details are up to date and accurate then the owner of the food agency had full credentials to set up the construction work.
  • Furthermore, you have the next procedure of pre-licensing which required working days to be complete. When you have submitted its charges then you have the full authority to run the food agency

Licensing Of Foreign Investors in Food Agency

For the local investors, it will be an easy task to register the food agency and get a license. However, for foreigners who are interested and captivated in investing their finance in Singapore food agency license.

They have the same procedures with a minor difference. Hence, licensing of food agency in Singapore is related to the ease of doing business, where investors found not obstacles in spending their money.

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Total Expense Required For License Procedure

From tenancy agreement to the procedure of licensing, where all documents are needed, have this budget. However, if you are lacking in some sort of detail or documents, then you have to pay extra charges on that. Or breaking the terms and conditions of the Singapore food agency license authority.

Moreover, for foreigners, there is a tremendous relief for license purposes. But, they have to also pay the same charges in the food agency.

However, in Singapore equal opportunity is given to the locals and the foreigners. It's quite convenient, if you have paid the debt of the license, then there would be no obstacles in the procedure of licensing and receiving. Hence, Singapore food agency license is one of the important procedures, which put the business into legalization and registration from a convenient channel, which is easy to access and utilize for everyone.

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